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Contact Hours: 9:30am-4:30pm, MON-FRI

Greetings! I'm Tyler Morse, Owner & Operator of Brier Patch Farm...

My wife, Rebekah, and I moved to Brier in 2019 in hopes of eventually starting this kind of enterprise. Our beautiful daughter, Esther, came into our lives shortly thereafter.

It's been a long journey getting this place up and running, but we're thrilled to finally be doing what we can to serve our local communities more resilient, decentralized, and regenerative sources of nutrient-dense, vital food.


Ready for you the day after harvest for optimal freshness & shelf-life.

All products come in compostable clamshell packaging.

  • BASIL (3-week lead time); $9.00/2.1 oz

  • BEET (3-week lead time); $9.00/2.1 oz

  • BRASSICA BLEND - cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, & mizuna (2-week lead time); $7.50/2.1 oz

  • BROCCOLI (2-week lead time); $7.50/2.1 oz

  • CABBAGE (2-week lead time); $7.50/2.1 oz

  • CILANTRO (3-week lead time); $9.00/2.1 oz

  • CORN (2-week lead time); $9.00/2.1 oz

  • CRUNCHY MIX - sunflower, pea, & radish (2-week lead time); $7.50/2.6 oz

  • MUSTARD, RED LACE - purple variety (3-week lead time); $9.00/2.1 oz

  • PEA (2-week lead time); $7.50/3.5 oz

  • RADISH (2-week lead time); 7.50/2.1 oz

  • SCALLION (3-week lead time); $9.00/2.1 oz

  • SORREL, RED-VEINED (5-week lead time); $10/2.1 oz

  • SUNFLOWER (2-week lead time); $7.50/3.5 oz

  • LEAD TIME is in relation to the target TUE delivery/pickup day (e.g. Cabbage for 3/19/24 needs to be ordered by 3/5/24)

  • Weekly surplus microgreens available at our on-site farm stand, each WED & THU with limited availability

  • RESTAURANTS - custom orders by weight (CRUNCHY MIX excluded) is an option if we can use your own food pans and exchange them upon delivery; you get a better rate this way, too!


  • Available June thru October

  • Weekly surplus produce available at our on-site farm stand

  • Weekly mixed-produce box (pre-paid); click blue box below to learn more and sign up:

Sunflower Shoots

Pea Shoots

Micro Broccoli

Micro Radish


  • Click the green PRE-ORDER button at any one of the three places on this page to order microgreens.

  • Enter the type and quantity of products you'd like (refer to pricing and other info on this page above).

  • Enter your contact details and click SUBMIT. (By entering an email address, you'll be automatically added to the BPF mailing list to stay up to date on product offerings and other developments.)

Tyler will personally reach out to you to confirm payment and delivery/pickup details.

We look forward to serving you...



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